New Tapas Menu

There’s so much new food to try, our Tapas menu is always evolving to give a new flavour or experience.



Stuffed Mushrooms  vg/gf  Served w. cherry tomatoes & Bocconcini      6

grilled Haloumi vg/gf  Served w. strawberry salsa             6

Chorizo & caramelized onion served w. Baguette toast      7

Potato Roasties vg/gf Served w. Cajun Remoulade             6

Pâté Duck & Truffle Pâté served on sourdough toasts        6

Panko crumbed Mozzarella vg served w. fruit chutney     6

Pork Steam Bun Traditional asian steam bun w. pork filling                    6

Potato Prawn Prawn tails wrapped in shredded potato and fried till crispy, served w. Kewpie mayo or red Chinese vinegar                                    8

Bangers & Mash Spicy Italian sausage cooked in a caramelized onion & pea in a rich wine gravy, served on mashed potato                                  12

Spanakopita vg  Rich flaky pastry filled with spinach, Feta and Ricotta cheese, served w. a salsa of tomato, red onion, coriander and feta                  8

Asian Steamed Dumplings – Your choice of either chicken & corn or pork & prawn steamed dumplings                                                                    8

Pork Belly– Slow cooked and served on a bed of poached apple and finished w. a Cinnamon infused Whisky jus                                                12

Winter Warmers…

Moroccan Lamb stew            16

Chicken & Chorizo Stew       16

Roasted Pumpkin Soup         12

Minestrone Soup                     12 

Gourmet Platter              25/45

Selection of soft and hard cheese, Piccalilli, Duck & Truffle Pate, Chicken & Pancetta terrine, Rice Crackers, handmade Lavosh, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seed

 Chatter Platter  vg          20/40

Selection of soft and hard cheese, dips, Pita, Rice Crackers, handmade Lavosh, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds

To Finish…

Please see the display fridge for an Assortment of cakes and tarts available

Affogato Plate                16/25

Espresso, Ice Cream, your choice of liqueur, and house made shortbread

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